My only hope for Unfold your wings was to help others feel less alone to help them to know that they could find hope and support.

So here are a few words of those that have found this hope and support.

“The posts that you write are very thoughtful and comforting. The vibe is very non-judgemental and it feels like a safe place to share x”

“Wish I had you guys 25 yrs ago”

“I had been battling nightmares and increasingly dangerous intrusive thoughts when I started to google PTSD from birth trauma. I found this page and the penny finally dropped. I wasn’t alone, I was unwell, and it was a ‘thing’. Emma has been an incredible support and works tirelessly to make the rest of us feel not alone. This page gave me hope that I could get better.”

“Thank you because I feel less alone and for the first time in a long time like there is hope.”