Your story matters, Your voice matters, You matter.

Every Monday at 8pm Unfold your wings and the Birth Trauma Trust host a tweet chat on birth trauma using the hashtag #BirthTraumaChat. We will be covering all kind of subjects from signs and symptoms, support for partners, self care and therapies.

Please join us if you can and share your thoughts. The chat will be a safe place where you can share your stories, experiences or maybe just learn more about birth trauma and how it affects families. We have a lovely supportive community that continues to grow and with it so does awareness and support.

For me I found that having birth trauma and PTSD was a very lonely place, no one seemed to understand and I found myself feeling very isolated and alone. Knowing that you are not alone and others are there too, can really help on the road to recovery. Together we are stronger and together we can give each other hope and support. I found much help and solace with those that understood what I was going through and why I often felt the way I did. I stopped feeling alone, weak and scared and realised that there were others that were coping with birth trauma too and that we needed each other.

Everyone will be at different stages, some will be at the start of their journey to recovery, others will be nearer the light, but no matter were we are on the road, how bumpy it becomes, how many times we go the wrong way or get lost, there will be someone there to support us, help us find the way again or maybe even carry us for a little while, till we are strong enough to walk again.

So please join us, help us raise awareness, reduce stigma and support each other so we all can unfolded our wings and dance in the glorious light again.

Please follow us on twitter @unfoldURwings  #BirthTraumaChat and on Facebook.