Faces of birth trauma

Birth trauma has many faces.
It doesn’t matter who you are, what you do, how old you are or where you are from.
Birth trauma can affect anyone.
There are many reasons that birth trauma happens, they are all valid because birth trauma is how you feel about your birth.
The faces of birth trauma campaign is to raise awareness of the many aspects of birth trauma, the people it has affected and the story of their journey.
Birth trauma is as individual as the people it touches, these are their stories.

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What is Birth Trauma?


    Birth, its suppose to be a happy, joyous, wonderful time. However for many women and their partners, birth can be a traumatic event, that can change them and

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What is Perinatal PTSD?


    When people think about Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD), they often think of a soldier, returning from battle traumatised and battered by the ravages of war and the terrible

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Getting support

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      What can a woman who has had Birth Trauma/Perinatal PTSD do to get help and support? If you have had a traumatic birth and/or feel you are

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Healing from Birth trauma.


Healing after Birth Trauma will be as individual to each person as the experience itself. I always think of it as a road laid out before us that leads to

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PTSD and babyloss

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  Sadly not every pregnancy ends with a family taking home their baby. Some families lose their babies in the first or second trimester. This is often called Miscarriage and

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Birth Reflection Sessions


The Birth of your baby can have a profound effect on you, your family and your parenting journey. If your birth does not go as you had planned or hoped,

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The Birth Trauma Tree

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I wanted to try to capture the root causes and effects of Birth Trauma in a way that was visual to help others understand and also raise awareness. So I

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Aims and Charter


    Charter The purpose of unfold your wings is to raise awareness of birth trauma and perinatal PTSD, to work to improve the care given women and their families

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Research resources


    In order for treatments and prevention of birth trauma and PTSD to develop research is important to provide evidence based material and to support good practice. *Contained below

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Contact Us


  If you would like to share your story or you have any questions about Birth trauma or Perinatal PTSD. * If you have a service that supports families and

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