Your story matters,You voice matters, You matter. Every Monday at 8pm Unfold your wings will be joining with maternity matters to host a tweet chat on birth

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What is Birth Trauma?


    Birth, its suppose to be a happy, wonderful time. However for many women and their partners, birth can be a traumatic event, that can change them and their

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What is Perinatal PTSD?


    When people think about post traumatic stress they often think of a soldier, returning from battle traumatised and battered by the ravages of war and the terrible things

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Getting support


  What can a woman who has had Birth Trauma/Perinatal PTSD do to get help and support? If you have had a traumatic birth and/or feel you are suffering with PTSD

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Birth Trauma, PTSD and me.


    Everyones view of trauma is different, everyone is affected in different ways. Everyones voice matters. it doesn’t matter what happened or what others think, only how you feel.

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Contact Us


If you would like to share your story or you have any questions about Birth trauma or Perinatal PTSD. If you have a service that supports families and you would

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